Buying from the Framework

How do organisations buy from the framework? This can be done in one of two ways:

Direct Award

Direct Award is an option under all framework Lots with the exception of Lot 3 (where an organisation must engage in a further competition). Direct Award takes place where an organisation direct awards business to a supplier without the supplier having to engage in a further competitive process to win the contract.

Each supplier has an agreed price list for the devices and services available under each Lot and these can be accessed by contacting the framework Help Desk. The price lists may be of assistance to organisations when deciding whether or not to Direct Award to a supplier.

Further Competition

An organisation can engage suppliers in a further competition in pursuit of additional value on all framework Lots. When engaging in a further competition exercise, organisations must invite all the suppliers, from within the respective Lot from which they are purchasing, to participate in the further competition.  All suppliers within the respective lot must be given the opportunity to engage in a further competition. Whereas all suppliers must be given the opportunity to engage in the further competition, they are not obliged to submit a quotation and may decide not to submit a bid under the further competition. This doesn’t invalidate your further competition.

The following is an example of a traditional further competition process (for illustrative purpose only):

Basic advice and guidance upon conducting further competitions can be obtained from the Help Desk (see section 7).

If conducting your own further competition exercise organisations should note the base evaluation criteria and weighting for the Lot under which they are conducting the process. Full details of the weighting that underpins each Lot can be found in Appendix E.

A standard further competition template for use in a traditional further competition is attached in Appendix B for organisations wishing to undertake their own further competition exercise.